By: Emad

Aug 03 2011

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Category: Abstract, Photography


Focal Length:5mm
Shutter:1/0 sec

At 6am The reflection of TAJ looked really Beautifull… 
I took this picture in 16th May, 2011.

For viewing this photo in Flickr click HERE 


44 comments on “Watermark”

  1. I love the tones in this image. The reflection in the pool adds amazing dimension to the photo. Lovely!

  2. the tones are gorgeous. everything in this image seems in harmony

  3. trinabaker and Rob thanks For ur Lovely Comments 🙂

  4. Hi Emad,
    This picture should become available on Google Earth, so the world could share your early morning experience.
    Nice shot

    I am sure that you have a lot of potential photo’s available, to give us a beautiful insight of the area.

  5. Love the colours, amazing amazing shot!

  6. Wow! This is beautiful.

  7. Incredibly beautiful!

  8. Very lovely! Would love to see the Taj Mahal someday.

  9. LOVE! Like everyone else has said, the tones in this photo are beautiful. And the reflection is amazing. Great job!

  10. Hi Emad,

    A great photograph of one of the World’s most beautiful buildings. The reflection gives an almost “as above, so below” feeling….somehow apt for the romantic backstory to the building itself.

  11. The reflection is so great, it’s a really special feeling to the picture.

  12. Thank you every one For your Comments and For viewing my blog… Thank you very much Guys 🙂

  13. My gosh, that is gorgeous!! One day, I will travel the world and take pics like this!!

  14. This picture is wonderful. Great job!

  15. I saw on Flickr that you took this photo between 6-7am! One day when I visit India I will go to the Taj in the early morning. It looks really stunning this way.

  16. ComatoseBunny, Becca, Derrick and Graceful Lotus Thanks for viewing my blog and your comments…. Graceful Lotus yeah it is so peaceful in the early morning 🙂

  17. I’d love to see Taj Majal for real one day. I don’t think it’s possible, but still dreaming cannot do you harm 🙂 Beautiful image. Love the reflection. You could try straightening a bit though.

  18. It’s the reflection that really makes this shot, great tones as well. Stunning!

  19. ohhh it’s just wonderful.
    beautifully captured.
    I wanna go and see this place my self.

  20. I’m glad you stopped by my page, because now I am able to enjoy yours. Your pictures are beautiful! You are very talented!

  21. This is very well done. I love the texture in the pool just before the reflection starts.

  22. amazing shot. i want to travel so bad.
    on a different note – if possible, try to shoot this location at dusk. i bet you can see catch some beautiful colors from dusk with this gorgeous building [=

  23. daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaamn, sooo good

  24. Such a beautiful picture!

  25. What Mr. memo said ….
    (btw can I get out of the water now please? My feet are going wrinkly) …
    Awesome depth and clarity.


  26. This photo is great! Love the reflection!

  27. Wow! The reflection almost looks painted on!

  28. i love this. did you use a tripod? it’s indeed perfection! and i enjoy the title, as well.

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