Fallen King

Fallen King, a photo by Emad Islam on Flickr.

I feel displaced in my kingdom of disgrace
And I feel shamefaced for the sin I know I can’t replace
And I can’t help but feeling a little low down
Or should it be the other way around
It seems my smile appears upside-down
I guess then it’s called a frown
I’m falling down, broken my crown
I feel like a king who’s lost everything
I’m falling down, down to the ground
Will you catch me, because I’m falling
I’m falling down
I’m all alone, trying to survive on my own
And I need a light, to guide me when I walk through this life
Perhaps even give me eternal life
And he’ll have a beautiful kingdom
And I’ll live with him and his son


15 comments on “Fallen King”

  1. Bird in thoughts. Nice photo and the words to go with it. 🙂

  2. Nice. I have a long time connection with birds of prey.

  3. Beautiful bird and beautiful thoughts Emad. And happy new year!

  4. nice colors

  5. Haha…Seems like a loser bird. I love it I love it 😀

  6. Stunning photo and pensive sentiments, Emad. –John

  7. He does look very pensive – nicely captured!

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