A Walk To Remember

A Walk To Remember, a photo by Emad Islam on Flickr.

We all remember a bit of our childhood. No matter what happens, How far we go, No matter how busy we become. Whenever we look back in memory lane we always miss our good old childhood whatever we can recall. We are all walking in our own path of life. But I think the initial walk in childhood is indeed what we cherish most. There is a part of us never wants to grow old. When I saw this kid walking towards me it kind of hit my memory lane. Some precious memories of my childhood just got reflected in a blink.

That’s why I named this one as “THE WALK TO REMEMBER”.


6 comments on “A Walk To Remember”

  1. That picture is darling! What a great name/theme for this photo…very poetic. ~~Bliss

  2. Like the tension of the raised foot about to drop! Nice capture.

  3. I dugg some of you post as I cerebrated they were very helpful very beneficial

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