The Colorful Poison

The Colorful Poison, a photo by Emad Islam on Flickr.

Via Flickr:
I know this colorful Ice looks very tasty… But there is poison in every bit of it.. Some dishonest people are always mixing poison in our foods we eat everyday without any mercy any remorse… All they think of their profit… We all know we are being poisoned each and every day… Many times it has been shown in news brought to light by media but action has not been taken by government…

This Colorful ice-cream seems very attractive but yet there is a pathetic story behind the production of this ice-cream… Colors from Dye which is used in cloths… Ice which used to preserve fish and other stuffs… SAD BUT TRUE after knowing the story still we eat this poison… We give this poison to our kids because we cant fight against their demand… Living in the third world country is really hard… No matter how happy you are…


3 comments on “The Colorful Poison”

  1. Wonderful photo and very interesting story behind it.

  2. cola!!..this was my child hood fav….and I did not know this sad truth abt it…
    Anywys…nice pic..

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